How Ours Works

Scheduling- We do Car Care Ministry on Saturday once a month. We start at 11:00 AM and finish about 3:00 PM. We normally schedule 15 clients a month. Of the 15, we would expect 3 or 4 to be new to the ministry. It is necessary to schedule each vehicle so you will have the proper filter on hand.

Possible Ministry Target Group- The target group for our Car Care Ministry is “single custodial parents of children or children living in a single adult residency”. In our first 500 clients we had only two male participants. Therefore, we refer to the target group as Single Moms. Most females in our modern day culture have not been exposed in childhood to mechanical experiences. These single parents now have the need to keep their vehicle in serviceable condition to get them to work, children to doctor’s appointments, school etc. Most operate on very limited funds. The Car Care Ministry changes oil but also looks at brake lights, battery condition, wiper blades and other common car maintenance needs.

Bridge to Other Ministries- In our church the Car Care Ministry brought forth a Single Moms Small Group (Sunday morning Bible Study) as well as a Clothes Closet Ministry providing clothing for single mom’s job interviews and working attire. Most churches have a large number of single moms already in their existing congregation. If you want to reach out in to your community you can contact the social service organizations, challenge your members to let their co-worker know about your new ministry. Single moms are out there and will respond to your action of showing God's love to them and their children.

The Location- Most residences with a two car (or more) garage are perfect for hosting your Car Care Ministry. A home is the perfect situation as you are not only fixing the car but building relationships with the single mom and her children. During the pleasant weather you can host the single moms and their children outside using a picnic table, chairs and outside play equipment found at most homes. During the colder days the host family will open their home to the single moms for that bonding experience.

The Crew- If on any given Sunday Morning you have 20, 30, 40, 50 or more men in your congregation, Car Care In-Reach and Out-Reach Ministry is a ministry your church can offer. You will find in that group a few very talented guys that can do more than change oil, as well as six or eight that can change oil and do basic repair tasks. Please remember that, the Car Care Ministry is a TWO-Edged sword!! While the guys are in the garage fixing the car the real eternal work is being done with the single moms and children. You need to have a group of ladies that can share God’s love with the single mom’s and their children while the car is being serviced. The wives of the guys in the garage are the perfect co-ministers. We encourage the single moms to bring their children. What a great place to share what is going on in the children’s ministry as well as the exciting things in the youth program with these children. The ladies are the key to the eternal changes in the single mom's world; the guys just do the car and keep it rolling!