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Ministry Cost Budgeting-

You should be safe if you allow $30.00 per each car scheduled for the normal service. The filter and oil should average about $15.00 per car and then this allows an additional $15.00 for fluids, light bulbs and so forth. If you schedule 10 cars per month this would be $300.00 per month. We highly suggest that you check with your Church Leadership on what may be needed for insurance for your Car Care Ministry. I believe that most insurance coverage fees are based on the type of work that you intend to perform. Your group may elect to simply change oil and filters on the vehicles. If you find a need to do some light repairs (brakes or?) then the premium may change. A Budget of $3,000.00 per year should be a safe number in most situations. Some Churches have a Strong Umbrella policy in force for their existing ministries and simply notify the Insurance Company of the new ministry may be all that is needed and no additional expense.

The following information is only provided as a overview and additional items may be required.

Tools Suggested for the Shop- servicing three cars at a time-
Three sets of car ramps.
Three oil drain pans similar.
Misc. funnels for oil and other fluids.
25 lbs. of Kitty Litter for oil spills.
Shop Rags.
Rubber Gloves.
One 55 gallon drum for used oil.
One floor jack and stands.
Set of assorted oil filter wrenches.
Sets of metric and standard sockets and wrenches.
Ratchets and Breaker Bars.
Sets of Straight and Philips screwdrivers.
6 Battery Power Service lights.
Battery Terminal Cleaner.
12 Volt Tester.

Filters Needed- based on your upcoming session reservations-

Fluids Needed –
Washer Fluid 5- one gallon containers
Brake Fluid 4- one quart containers
Power Steering Fluid- 4 – one quart containers
Engine 50/50 mix Coolant 4 gallons
Windshield Washer Fluid 4 gallons
Battery Terminal Cleaner 2- spray containers
Battery Terminal Protector 2- spray containers
Belt Dressing Conditioner 2- spray containers

When you order the filters for your registered vehicles for each month you should also order the needed amount of each type oil based on the reservations. We have found purchasing oil in 1 gallon containers much more convenient than bulk.

The following amounts are a good idea to keep on hand as a reserve- 5 W 20 2 gallons
5 W 30 2 gallons
10 W 30 2 gallons

Transmission Fluids- Many vehicles require special types of fluid and check your reservation list.

Wiper Blades- 17 “ wiper blades 4 pcs. 18 “ wiper blades 4 pcs.
19 “ wiper blades 4 pcs. 20“ wiper blades 4 pcs.
21 “ wiper blades 2 pcs. 22 “ wiper blades 2 pcs.
24“ wiper blades 2pcs. 26“ wiper blades 2 pcs.

Light Bulbs- 1156 4 pcs. 1157 4 pcs.
2057 4 pcs. 3156 2 pcs.
3157 4 pcs. 921 4 pcs.
194 4 pcs. 194NA 2 pcs.
1157NA 2 pcs. 9004 2 pcs.
9005 2 pcs. 9006 2 pcs.
9007 2 pcs.